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Unless otherwise noted all finds made in 2000 with Minelab Explorer XS

First Silver with Explorer

Flying Eagle

1809 Bavarian Silver

Gold Medalion

1850 Seated Dime

Some Large Cents

Barber Quarters

Another Barber Quarter

Two More Large Cents

Two Cent Piece

1889 Seated Dime

Worn Half Reale

Bust Large Cent

Flying Eagle and Shield

Ulster Guard Button

1853 Large Cent

1861 Victorian Half Penny

1902 Barber Quarter

1842 Large Cent

1819 1837 Large Cents and Flying Eagle

Gold Rings

Two More Large Cents

1840 Large Cent

Civil War Buttons

1847 Large Cent

Stealth X8 Seated Dimes and More

Silver Shoe Buckle

3 More Large Cents

1875 Seated Dime and Navy Button

1820 Portugal 40 Reis

Counterfeit Seated Half

2000 Jewelry Finds

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