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Unless otherwise noted all finds made in 1998 with Minelab Sovereign XS

1802 Bust Large Cent

1828 Large Cent

1831 Large Cent

1849 Large Cent

1854 Seated Dime

Daytona Beach Finds

Flying Eagle and an Indian

Standing Liberty

Seated Dime and Shield Nickle

Worn King George Copper

1814 Large Cent

3 Barbers

3 V Nickels

GNRS I Finds

1838 Half Dime

1873 Shield Nickel

1731 King George II

1820 Large Cent

1857 Half Dime

Military Buttons

1998 Jewelry Finds

April 4th

April 5th

April 29th

 May 4th

May 9th

May 15th

May 17th

May 23rd

May 25th

May 31st

June 2nd

June 21st

June 23rd

June 30th

July 24th

July 26th

August 9th

October 15th

November 2nd

November 9th

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