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Unless otherwise noted all finds made in 1999 with Minelab Sovereign XS

1832 Nova Scotia Half Penny

A couple more Large Cents

Flying Eagle and Shield Nickels

Fat Indians and more

1847 Large Cent

1866 and 1867 indians

Swamp Silver

Connecticut Copper

1802 Large Cent

1901 Barber Quarter

1821 Large Cent

High School Ring

Another Flying Eagle Cent

1876 CC Seated Dime

4 Big Coppers

Busted Bust

Another 1847 Large Cent

Civil War Token

1877 CC Seated Dime

Half Cent and Large Cent

1840 Large Cent

1827 Large Cent and Some Buttons

Another 1901 Barber Quarter

And another 1876CC Dime

1852 Large Cent

Two Cent Piece and Gold ring

Two more Large Cents

Trade Token

1843 Half Dime

A Couple Old Canadian Coins

1910 Barber Quarter

Old Foreign Coins

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