Silver Civil War  ID Badge

Found with Minelab Sovereign XS at the 1998 GNRS

C. Lincoln
119th ILL. V.I.
war of 1861

   I found this while on team Minelab at the first annual Grand National Relic Shoot-out held in Louisiana ,October of 1998. The GNRS is an event set up by Larry Cissna or Texas Rebel as those on the internet may know him as. He had made an announcement on one of the forums saying how he would like to get a bunch of the folks from all over the USA to join in a friendly competition of relic hunting, and suggested setting up groups of three to represent each of five detector manufacturers to come down south and hunt a known civil war camp that he  had researched and was graciously willing to let a bunch of folks he hadn't met yet search for relics on. Well as soon as I saw that I immediately posted a response that I would love to join them on my first real civil war relic hunt and joined team Minelab.

     There were a few skeptical responses saying it would never happen, but that didn't discourage many folks from posting their interest in being on one of the teams, and before we knew it all spots were filled.
This prompted TR to ask the land owner if he would be willing to allow even more folks along, which
he agreed to. So TR posted once again that there would be three more members added to each team and also a team of alternates that could use any machine they wanted and to act as backups to other teams if someone couldn't make it or became ill during the hunt. The forum was flying with activity the night the post was made for sign-ups and actually overloaded and went down for a while!

    We arrived at the hotel at different times during the day before the big hunt(I had actually arrived the day earlier) and all 42 team members were there, along with the judges and hunt master keith Wills whom I cant say enough of, as he was out there in rain, mud and slop and not even being able to participate in the main hunts willingly brought water and soda out into the fields for the hunters as well as carrying off any large pieces of trash and iron dug by the various team members. We had a meeting on Friday night to introduce everyone and state any rules and point values etc., then early the next morning the caravan was heading down the highway towards the hunting field. The weather was warm around 90 degrees when all of a sudden the clouds came in and opened up on us, but that didn't slow us down we all headed into the mud with detectors swinging. The morning was uneventful as far as my finds, with just a couple minnies and some newer coins lost by farm workers found.

   That afternoon I was working my Sovereign in the trashiest area with about 20 others, when I caught a glimpse of something shiny in the side of a plug from another hunters hole, I at first thought it was a piece of aluminum can that had been tore up by the many years of plowing the soil, but  running the sov over it gave me such a nice high end tone that I picked it up and took a good look at the folded piece of metal I had in my hand. i noticed some writing so I gently bent it back as straight as I could without damaging it and was suprised to see what it said, still not quite sure what I had I took it over to TR who was hunting about 50 feet away to get his opinion. He  stood there with his mouth hung open and first thing he said was "you didn't find this did you"?! I knew then it was a good find.

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