My  England Finds
From The
 Jimmy Sierra Dectecting Tour
August 2002

     Edward I silver penny, minted in London, dated 1272-1307

Edward II Silver penny, minted in Canterbury, dats from 1307-1327

Edward III Groat 1327-1377

Fragment of another Edward III Groat, London mint

Edward IV Groat minted in London dated 1461-1470

James I Six Pence minted in Ireland, I am told these are fairly rare, dates 1610-1611

Queen Mary Groat dates 1553-1554

Elizabeth I Six Pence dated 1569

Roman Constantine II dates 337-340 AD

Jeton from Nuremburg Germany 16th Century

Town of Norwich Farthing dated 1668

William III Six Pence dates from 1694-1701

George I Six Pence dated 1723

Georgian Letter Seal 18th Century made of green crystal

Some of my other recorded non coin finds