Welcome to The Minelab User's directory
    Jim Yates
    Kingston, NY

Minelab Explorer XS II, Stealth X5 and X8 and Joey coils
Mainly hunt old cellar holes/foundations, parks, and old home sites
Using Minelab since Nov. 1996
Best Finds with minelabs? 1700's reales,  Many Large Cents, Civil War ID Badge, Ulster Guard civil war buttons, Rev War buttons

Lee Jessup
Pontypridd, South Wales U.K

Been detecting for 29 years. Started with a Savo Doublet (Whites) Tr-2D in 1978 aged 7. Used a Whites IDX from 1999 then in January 2007 aquired a Minelab Relic Hawk. Its like a veil has been lifted from my eyes.
I visited a site that I thought to have been 'worked out' years ago and after only 20 minutes uncovered a beautiful Roman Fibula Broach. Best find so far..
 Peter Van Abbott
From the Motherland (Rule Brittania)

Explorer two /Sov GT
Hammered Liz 1st ,Roman Septimius Severus silver denarius,208 AD, hunt fields beaches, woods

Michael Kuran
Wilmington, Ohio

Minelab Explorer XS, Minelab Excalibur 800
Mainly hunt fields were old homes use to be
Best Finds 1893 Commemorative Columbian Expo, Large Cent Coronet (Matron Head) 1835

Ken White
Arlington, VA

Minelab Explorer II

 Neil Paisnel
Jersey,Channel Islands,England.

Minelab Explorer II
Mainly hunt fields

Julien Bowles
Cartersville, Georgia

Soverign GT with mods from David @ Dixie Digisearch meter Sun Ray inline S-1 probe Stock 10.5" coil and Sun Ray S-5, 5.5" coil
I hunt Civil War sites in NW GA, parks, and old lawns
Best finds...Confederate bullets, IH cent, gold and silver rings, die cast toys

ron van wezop
Amsterdam -Holland-

minelab sovereign xs-2a pro
minelab relic hawk
best finds :5 sceata's - 34 hammerd coins 1000-1300 ad

Wlodzimierz Zdunczyk

Explorer XS
since 2001
Best finds: roman coins, medieval artifacts, Viking bronze ring, cannonball from 2,5ft under the ground


Sovereign with 10 inch coil. Want to get the 8. Been using Sovereign about a month and a half. Hunt yards,lakes old churches, schools, parks, fields, anywere.Been hunting about 2 and a half years. Best finds with Sov are 2 civil war era buttons. and a 1890 V nickel. Also to mercs 41,42. Love this machine. Also have Shadow and a compadre.


minelab explorer xs
just bought
been detecting for 30 years
best find--3.67 FLATBASE hotchkiss projectile

Brett Scarem

Sov.XS 2apro w/meter 8" coil
Hunt:Parks, woods, yards and Beaches
Best Finds:1860 three cent,1856 seated dime,1851 Large cent

Rich Zade
Tacoma, Wa

explorer XS for 1 1/2 years
Hunt any and all places I might find coins.
best find? heavy mens 14k and diamond eagle ring and many other jewelery items. Lots of clad and silver.


 Peter Lopipero
Oyster Bay, NY

Explorer XS with Vibra-probe 460
Hunt:  Parks, beaches, old homesites
Recent finds:  1945 Mercury Dime, 1920 Walking Liberty Quarter,
1907 Indian Head Penny.

T.  Reid  Marcum
    Leavenworth, Kansas

Minelab XS  w/ 10.5"  and  8"  coils, Grey Ghost-Nugget Buster NDT's,
Sun Ray X-1 Probe, Sun Ray Detector Stand, Lesche Digger, Daylyn Enterprises Trowel.
First Detector,  02-22-02.
Started Detecting,  02-24-02
Hunt for coins and relics anywhere on land or shorelines.

Jeffrey Schock
Rochester , NY

Excalibur 1000
Detecting since June 2001
Hunt local old houses
Best Finds:  1871 English copper penny, 1935 Walking Lib., gold ring, 1847 Knights Templar medallion

Stan Lackus
South East Pa.
Been detecting since 1998
Started out with a Fisher 1280X
Now use a Explorer XS with X-5, X-8, ML 10, WOT, Joey coil and the X-1 probe
Back up  Sovereign XS-2a Pro with Sun Ray DTI - II, S-1 probe, 8 CS, 10 BBS and WOT coil
Head Phones - GreyGhost NDT, KOSS Noise Reduction
Best Finds - 1836 large cent, 1877 seated dime, 1940 walking half , alot of
silver and wheaties , some jewlery and tons of clads.
Detect mostly - old parks, schools and beaches when i can.
Member of the South Jersey Metal Detecting Club

 Chuck Moulton
Homer, N.Y.

Metal detecting since 1999 (Second time around)
Use Explorer XS since Dec. 2000, also own Troy Shadow X2
Hunt parks and houses in Florida in the winter
Hunt older homes and parks in Central NY in summer
Best Finds: 1834 Half Dime, 1796, 1818 LC, 1854,1875,1877 Seated Dimes, 1866 2 Cent all recently
with XS

 Martin Legare
Montreal Quebec
Sovereign  XS2 Pro
Started detecting in:  june1999
Hunting :    Any old site are magnetic to me
So far my best finds are : 1- 1786 connecticut token. 2- 1907 VF silver quarter... and a few gold rings

Steven Zoranich
Herne Hill Western Australia
Explorer XS, Excalibur 1000
Started metal detecting in 1985
First Detector was a D-TEX Search King.
Have found hundreds of coins with this.
Am just learning minelab units.
Best finds -1868 halfpenny-1888 penny-1914 shilling

Algerio Bergonzo
Pianezza  N.West Italy
Sovereign XS, Excalibur
Home Page:

Kevin Morrow
North Carolina
I own an Excalibur,

I hunt NC beaches and have done very well.

Best finds, gold and platinum rings.

  Scott Arsenault
  Southeastern Mass

Minelab Explorer XS, Sovereign XS, Sunray DTI II meter, 11 inch penetrator coil
Mainly hunt old cellar holes/foundations, Some fields
Using Minelab since Nov. 1996
Best Finds with Sov. 1723 Woods Hibernia half penny, Rare Washington Inaugural button


Currently use Minelab Explorer XS previously Tesoro Side-winder.
Been detecting for 12 months,mainly farmland.
Best finds - 3 Celtic gold staters,silver Dinari of Antonanius,various roman jewelery

Kevin Morrow
  Youngsville, NC
Own  Excalibur 1000 since 6/99
Best find platinum ring
Love to hunt ocean beaches in NC

     Dean M. Novosat
      Lancaster, PA

Minelab Sovereign XS-2 Pro w/Minelab meter and Minelab 1000 coil (10")
Mainly hunt: Parks, Beaches on the Eastern Coast
Using Minelab since November 1998!
Best finds with my Soveriegn: diamond engagement ring my 4th time out!

Minelab Sovereign XS, Sunray DTI I meter, 11 inch minelab coil
Mainly hunt old yards, parks, and ghost towns
Using Minelab since Dec. 1996, 9 years detecting
Best Finds with Sov? 1916 D Mercury dime

Minelab Sovereign XS, Excalibur, Sunray DTI II meter, Sunray 12 inch  coil
Mainly hunt Beaches, lakes and everywhere else
Using Minelab since
Best Finds with Sov? Gold Coins, Gold Rings

Minelab Excalibur, Sea Search coil
Mainly hunt Beaches and anywhere on land also
Using Minelab since Jul. 96, 1.5 years detecting
Best Finds with Excalibur?  1889 seated dime, 1920 quarter, and a 1915 gold ring

Minelab Sovereign XS, Sunray DTI II meter, S1 Probe
Mainly hunt lawns, parks, sidewalk construction
Using Minelab since 1996, detecting since 1981
Best Finds with Sov? 1854 seated dime, 1876 seated quarter

Minelab Sovereign, Sunray DTI II meter, Sunray 12 inch coil
Mainly hunt parks, yards, beaches
Using Minelab Since Jul. 97,  Detecting since 1989
Best Finds with Sov? 1897 AU barber dime

John Leaman
 Columbus Ga.
Minelab Excalibur
Mainly hunt Beaches to mountains
Using Minelab since
Best Finds with Sov? Havent found it yet

Minelab Sovereign XS, Excalibur, American Gold Striker, Sunray 5 and 12 inch coils
Sunray DTI II Meter, S1 Probe
Mainly hunt parks, homesteads, battle sites, beaches etc. etc.
Using Minelab since 1990 has sovereign serial number 1
Best Finds with Sov? 1817 bust half, 1/2 caret diamond ring, CSA buckle, gold nuggets

Robert is also a Minelab and Sunray dealer, if your in his area check out his shop.........

Minelab Excalibur
Mainly hunt
Using Minelab since Jul. 97
Best Finds with Sov?

Minelab Excalibur, Sovereign, Sunray DTI II meter, Sunray 12 inch coil
Mainly hunt parks, yards, beaches
Using Minelab Sov since Oct. 93 Excalibur Mar. 94
Best Finds with Sov? 1863 merchant token, standing liberty quarter
Best find with Excalibur 14K White gold ring with two diamonds and a pearl

Minelab Sovereign, 15000, MAXmeter, MAXprobe(homemade)
Mainly hunt Parks, Beaches, the out back (g)
Using Minelab since 1993
Best Finds with Sov? everything he keeps
Note: that the meter, probe was built by Max Gillies and works in the same fashion as a Sunray

Minelab Sovereign XS, Excalibur, Sunray DTI II meter and coils
Mainly hunt beaches and old sites
Using Minelab since 1993
Best Finds with Sov? 1776  3 reale, 1876 Seated dime and WWII naval  aviator ring

Minelab Sovereign XS, Sunray DTI II meter
Mainly hunt relics and coins
Using Minelab since sept. 97, 20 years detecting
Best Finds with Sov? 1857 flying eagle, undated large cent, minnie balls

  Andrew Skrynnyk-Chambers
New Zealand

Minelab Sovereign with MAXmeter
Mainly hunt Parks & Beaches
Using Minelab since September 1997
Best Finds with Sov? 1874 British Queen Victoria Penny
Note:  the meter was built by Max Gillies and works in the same fashion as a Sunray.

Minelab Sovereign
Mainly hunt Relics
Using Minelab since Nov 1996
Best Finds with Sov? Still looking

Minelab Sovereign,  MAXmeter, 8,11, and Sea Search Coils
Mainly hunt Parks, Beaches
Using Minelab since Feb.1995
Best Finds with Sov? Still looking
Note: that the meter was built by Max Gillies and works in the same fashion as a Sunray

                                                    John Burrows

Minelab Sovereign XS, Whites XLT and SM PI
Mainly coinshoot, parks, private properties with
permission, beaches, dive on vacation with PI
Using Minelab Sovereign XS since August 1997
Best Finds with Sovereign? Some silver, no jewelry yet....

Minelab Sovereign XS
Mainly hunt Schools and Parks
Using Minelab since Oct. 97
Best Finds with Sov? still looking

Minelab Sovereign XS, Sunray DTI II meter
Mainly hunt old homes and schools
Using Minelab since Jan. 1997
Best Finds with Sov? 1848 Large cent

Minelab Sovereign
Mainly hunt Old sites and Beaches
Using Minelab 4 years
Best Finds with Sov? old coins and rings

Minelab Sovereign
Mainly hunt CW relics
Using Minelab since 1994
Best Finds with Sov? musket parts

Minelab Sovereign XS and Sterling
Mainly hunt Parks, Beaches and Gold Fields
Using Minelab since 1996
Best Finds with Sov? Rings, Earrings, Chinese Coins and Relics from Goldfields,
Many Australian
Pre-decimal and decimal coins, Pendants, watches and I'm
still looking.

Minelab Sovereign and Sunray meter
Mainly hunt Old parks, ball fields
Using Minelab since 1997
Best Finds with Sov?   1871 seated dime and a real nice old gold ring 
Minelab Sovereign, seasearch coil and minelab meter
Mainly hunt  Beaches
Using Minelab since 1996
Best Finds with Sov? Rings, Watches

  Minelab Excalibur
Mainly hunt  Beaches
Using Minelab since 1997
Best Finds with Sov? 1648 French silver coin

     Bob Sullivan
     Kilgore, Tx
Minelab Sovereign,  meter, 8 inch coil.
Mainly hunt Civil war relics
Using Minelab since 1992
Best Finds with Sov? I have been blessed with many good finds over the years but the most valuable things that I have recovered have been my three(so far) Confederate belt plates and the best Confederate button that I have found so far is listed in Albert's button book as a TX 29.
The last Civil War price guide lists it as a $3200.00 button.

Minelab  Soverign
Mainly hunt : older areas, homesteads, beaches
Using Minelab since 1996
Best Finds with Sov? 1880's silver, jewerly, nothing special yet...

Minelab Sovereign XS
Mainly hunt: Homesteads,Old springs in the outbacks,Parks, Anywhere
I can swing my search coil.
Using Minelab: since 3/1998.
Best finds with Sov? 1822 Large Cent, String of sliegh bells.

 Hugh McNeill
Minelab Sovereign XS.
Mainly hunt: Public footpaths, public beauty spots and picnic
sites, fairgrounds, and basically anything of unusual interest.
Using Minelab since June 1997.
Best finds with Sovereign: (So far): Gold-plated silver ring, (pre-decimal) silver Florin.

J. Peter Simmons
Minelabs used: Excalibur, Soverign XS, & Musketeer
Mainly hunt: 18th & 19th Century sites emphasizing in Rev-War sites.
Using Minelab since 1996
Best finds w/Soverign: 1721 Hibernia Half Penny, 1752 1 Reale, 1796,
1798 & 1799 Large Cents, 1830/29 Draped Bust Dime, and a Rev-War
campsite find of a brass tinder box and a grease lamp.

  Randy and Tammy Fulk
Pinehall, NC
Randy: Minelab Excalibur
Tammy: Minelab Sovereign XS
Mainly hunt: Relics and Beaches
Using Minelab since 1997.
Best finds with Sovereign: Randy's best finds so far are A gold ring with A Ruby setting,A silver ring with Torquise setting,A porthole from a WWI Victory ship,A1895 V Nickel,and a old very old anchor. Tammy has found A CivilWar belt buckle,part of a cannonball,and a few Musketballs

       Corey Staloch
        Jamestown, ND
Minelab Sovereign XS. Sunray meter 5.5 and 12 inch coils
Mainly hunt: Parks
Using Minelab since 1998
Best finds with Sovereign: (So far) 1898 Liberty Quarter, 3 IH pennys

Frank E. Shemonek Jr.
Minelab Sovereign XS II Pro 10 inch coil
Mainly hunt:
Using Minelab since 1998
Best finds with Sovereign:  a copper "duit" colonial copper 1598 minted in the church
from Arnhem.  They are fairly rare.

     Mark Dayton
       Northern, California
Minelab Soverign XS II, Sunray meter
Mainly hunt:  19th Century homesteads, ranch sites, ghost towns, old mining
camps, beach at local lake.
Using Minelab since 1997
Best finds with Sovereign:  22kt Gold, women's wedding ring w/1/2 carat diamond,
1900 "V" nickel, 3 buffalo nickels (this machine is a nickel magnet!), 1926
Standing liberty quater

     C. J. Lippert
       Elkmont, Alabama
Minelab Sovereign XS 2
Using Minelab since 1998
Best finds with Sovereign: 1945 merc. and a 1937 standing liberty half

   Edward McManus
Minelab Sovereign XS
Using Minelab since 1997
Best finds with Sovereign: Saxon Silver Penny, Roman Coins/Artifacts, Gold Half Sovereign, and many other old items.

             Nick  Hunter

Minelab Sovereign XS 2Pro
Using since July 98
Hunt parks, ballfields, curb strips,fields
Best finds - worn date Standing liberty quarter,'43 half,'60half and a  gold filled ring

     Alan Bridges
Littleton Massachusetts

Minelab Sovereign XS
Using since 1998
Hunt parks, home sites
Best finds -Woods Hibernia half cent,  1905-s Barber dime, 1904 V. fine Barber quarter, 7 Indian Head cents, 6 Mercury dimes, 1 Standing Liberty quarter

   Max Benns
Minelab Sovereign XS, Excalibur
Using since 1996
Hunt the oceanfront and waist to ankle deep water, no dry sand.
Best finds -Gold jewelry

    Peter Hyldgaard
Minelab Sovereign XS
Using since 1999
Hunt Anywhere
Best finds - 6 coins made in the period 1396-1425 Named cobber sterlings.A jewelry
for dated about 1300 also made of cobber.  A whole lot of coins, lots of new ones but also some back to the start of  1800.  An old chain watch.

Minelab Sovereign XS II with DTI II meter
Using since 1999
Hunt fresh water beaches, old home sites, fields, school yards,  parks and ghost towns.
Best finds - I haven't found anything special yet with it, but I have only had it for a day, and am
just getting used to it, but am really impressed with it.

Todd Yerks
Wassaic, NY

Minelab Sovereign XS
Mainly hunt old home sites
Using Minelab since 1998
Best Finds 1774 2 reales, 2 Half reals, 17 Large cents, 2 twocent pieces, 87 seated dime,2 ct Coppers,
1 NY copper

Gary Ranson
Victoria, BC, Canada

Minelab Sovereign XS-2
Mainly hunt: Beaches
Using Minelab since July 1999


Sovereign XS 2 Pro with 8" coil, a Sunray meter and S-1 Probe. with Timberwolf headphones.
Using since Feb 1999
Best find to date is a gold locket that my daughter, now 40 lost when she was 6 years old at my Mama's place.

Charles Mambourg
once beautiful Los Angeles, Ca.
Minelab Sovereign XS-2
20 years detecting, 2nd day with a minelab.
Best Finds, a handfull of clads and a whole lot of foil and chopped pulltabs.
Need just a little more time to post a decent find.

Alex Shvartsman
 Smithtown, NY

Sov XS-2 / DTI II meter
Started: Sept 1999
hunt: Playgrounds, Fields, Beaches (no water)
Best finds: 3 Mercury Dimes

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